Ozanam Industries is fully committed to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which was launched in Western Sydney on 1 July, 2015.

Our three worksites work with our participants (Supported Employees) and alongside the NDIS. Within each participants NDIS plan is a budget allocated to provide the supports specific to each participants needs. Support categories are aligned to the NDIS Outcomes Framework. The two support categories that enable Ozanam and Castlereagh Industries to support participants to reach their goals as set out in a participants plan are:

1. Work and

2. Social and Community Participation.

These support categories are found in the outcome domains of Core and Capacity Building funding. 

Ozanam and Castlereagh Industries are registered with the NDIS in Specilaised Supported Employment and our service prices for the supports we provide are in accordance with the NDIS Price guide. 

The NDIS will provide people with disability the opportunity to:

  • decide on a genuine and meaningful future of their choosing
  • have greater levels of choice and control over their lives, with a focus on their needs, aspirations and goals
  • actively take part in their community.

You may like to check out the NDIS website for more information on eligibility and where it is available. 

We understand that our supported employees, their families and support staff, advocates and other people interested in our services may have questions about the NDIS and Ozanam or Castlereagh Industries.

If you are interested in seeking employment please give us a call on the following contact details:

  • Ozanam Industries Stanmore Geordie Adams (02) 9126 7903
  • Ozanam Industries West Ryde Sunitha Mohanakumaran (02) 9126 7935
  • Castlereagh Industries Coonamble Gemma Jordan (02) 6822 1386
  • For more information you can call Peter Gilrich on (02) 9126 7902 or mobile 0403 776 234

Or fill out the form and we will be in contact: