A wonderful collaboration in Coonamble

A wonderful collaboration in Coonamble   

Castlereagh Industries one of our three disability enterprises is located in Coonamble, a town on the central-western plains of New South Wales.

About half of our employees are Aboriginal. Late last year, a suggestion was made to paint Aboriginal murals onto the walls of our building. There was unanimous agreement by the employees.

Jaime Hamilton, a local artist renowned for his Aboriginal artwork and murals was commissioned. Jaime is Aboriginal and was born profoundly deaf. Despite this disability he has achieved so much in the local community.
Jaime invited three of our supported employees to assist him with the preparation and then with the painting of the murals. In addition, a number of supported employees included their handprints onto the murals.

Jaime enjoyed the experience of working with and teaching our supported employees. Our supported employees treated Jaime with so much respect. People passing by our facility while the work was ongoing, acknowledged the close bond between Jaime and the employees.

The work was started on 9 November 2017 and completed on 27 November 2017.

I have included some images into the newsletter. The front mural represents land animals and the other mural represents water animals.

We have offered to showcase Jaime's artwork in our Vinnies retail shop in Coonamble to promote his work.

I am sure that you agree that this was a wonderful collaboration including mutual respect and admiration.

With best wishes.
Rod Silber
Business Development Manager