Relax this summer with Ozanam Industries

Relax This Summer with Ozanam Industries 

It's summertime, the perfect time of year to kick back with a cool drink and let someone else do the work! Sounds great, doesn't it?

Here are a few more reasons it makes sense to have someone else do the work. At Ozanam Industries, our dedicated employees are trained to provide quality, on-time delivery for so many types of services. it's a smart idea to outsource your shrink-wrapping, show bag and folder assembly, kit assembly, general packaging work, and more.

• You don't need to assign your busy employees to these tasks, taking hours from their everyday schedule.
• You don't need to put aside space for them to do mailings, assembly, and other jobs that can take up a lot of room in your facility.
• You don't need to buy the materials needed for the job, such as envelopes, boxes, packing material, etc.
• You don't need to store the finished product until it can be shipped out.

Each 'You don't" is a great reason to send your job to Ozanam Industreis, and will save your organisation time, money, and man/woman-power. If you've been thinking about outsourcing, give us a call today and we'll discuss how we can help you enjoy the summer a little more.

About Ozanam Industries

For over 40 years, Ozanam Industries has helped enrich the lives of hundreds of Australians with a disability by helping them participate in the economic and social lives of their communities through training and gainful employment. A Special Work of the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW, also known as Vinnies, Ozanam Industries believes that meaningful employment empowers the individual.

The capacities of each employee are taken into account to give them opportunities tailored to the tasks at which they excel. They are supervised, monitored, and supported in a work environment specially adapted to their needs. Our employees take pride in working with some of the nation's most respected corporations with their show bag assembly, packaging, mail fulfilment, and shrink-wrapping projects, and they see their jobs as a way to achieve their own individual goals. Their dedication is what helps Ozanam Industries achieve our high standards of service excellence.

For an obligation free quotation please contact Rod Silber at or call him on 0411 687 787.

It's about fulfilment... Yours and Ours 
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