Industrial cleaning cloths

We supply industrial cleaning cloths through Castlereagh Industries, an arm of Ozanam Industries. Based in Coonamble, New South Wales, we transport cleaning cloths to Sydney weekly.

Our cleaning cloths are cut from recycled textiles and can be supplied in bulk or continuous order where required.

Castlereagh Industries also provides other cleaning services including laundry and car wash facilities.

Our cleaning cloths come in a variety of textiles:

Mixed cotton

A light cotton fabric that is suitable for general purpose use.

Soft knit

A premium, highly absorbent soft material suitable for all types of use.

Fleecy knit

Ideal for heavy duty cleaning jobs such as oil or floor spills, making it suitable for trucks and engineering facilities.


A soft, absorbent and strong fabric ideal for panel beating, paint shops and fibreglass. Suitable for trucks and engineering facilities.