Packaging solutions

We offer high quality, comprehensive packaging solutions for your business or organisation. No matter the size or quantity of items, we’ll package them ready for transport, sale or display.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, special format packaging for a wide variety of products - from heat sealing to labelling, the manual assembly of products to the repackaging of nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners.

When it is too expensive or time consuming to do the packaging yourself in-house, let us deliver a cost effective and time efficient alternative for you. Some of our previous packaging clients include WWF Australia, Target, Myer, Future Logistics, Caritas Australia and Shop, Distributive and Allied Employee’s Association of NSW.

A relationship built on trust rewards thousands

WWF-Australia has trusted us to deliver important communications to their supporters, via a range of packaging services, since 2012. Each year we have packaged and delivered upwards of 15,000 welcome packs, animal certificates and adoption packs.

Various jobs cover the packaging of stickers, pins, magnets, brochures, certificates and plush toys into cartons, envelopes and padded bags for the safe delivery to thousands of supporters across Australia. Our adherence to incredibly tight deadlines while providing first class customer service has led to an ongoing partnership with WWF-Australia that we are very proud of.

WWF-Australia trusts Ozanam Industries with the vital first contact in our donor relationship, the safe delivery of each new donor’s welcome pack. Over the course of the business relationship WWF-Australia has also relied on Ozanam Industries to fulfil numerous ancillary projects. These have been met with Ozanam Industries’ characteristic “can do” attitude and excellent customer service. They are a pleasure to do business with and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

Mark Anscombe, Face to Face Fundraising Manager.

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